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Helena Russo

Helena Russo is Dancer, Teacher and Coreographer from Alcamo, Sicily, where she has founded her school “Hathor- oriental dance and music studio” whose name is used with special permission of master Dr. Mo Geddawi and that counts students from the whole sicily. She Dances since she was 6 years old and her background is in ballet, jazz, modern, until she knows Oriental. From 2004 till 2013 she was part of the professional company “Compagnia Teatro Danza Alcamese” with director Annamaria Campanelli. Main shows “Nutcracker” and “Coppelia”.
Thanks to her background she has her own style made by contemporary elements, but still strongly egyptian. She studied with many great teachers: Mo Geddawi, Zaza Hassan, Raqia Hassan, Momo Kadous, Mohamed Kazafy, Wael Mansour, Aida Bogomolova, Kahina, Mohamed Shahin, Yamil Annum, Sadie Marquadt, Camelia, Taha Moussa, Heitham El Shewihi and more with Yousry Sharif, Aladin El Kholy and Gamal Seif and many other big names and deep knowledge about Iraqi Dance with Daila Jansikova and Assala Ibrahim.
She is the first Italian Dancer promoting Iraqi intensive workshops in Italy. She has many diploma like master teacher CIFE, ANIDS and ACSE. She was nominated by the federation to prepare dancers to be teacher and she was also nominated to give diplomas to teach. Since 2015 also diploma to PREGNANT CLASSES.
Since 2013 Helena Russo is organizer of ARIA International Oriental Dance Festival in Sicily, promoting oriental culture. In 2016 she was part of KAZAFY TROUPE ITALY where she improved her Reda tecnique knowledge. She is organizer of ARIA- INTERNATIONAL ORIENTAL DANCE FESTIVAL in Sicily that every year brings many dancers from all over the world in Sicily. In 2016 Helena Russo brought Oriental dance and arabic folkloristic dances in government schools in her city. In 2017 she starts teaching Ori Tahiti.

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88 3° Feira 16:00 / 17:30 Kawleeya – Dança Iraquiana Comprar
85 Domingo 17:30 / 19:00 Possibilidades de combinações p/ grandes entradas Comprar

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